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Taylor Swift - Out Of The Woods

This song is about the fragility and breakable nature of some relationships, this was a relationship where I was kind of living day-to-day wondering where it was going, if it was going to go anywhere, if it was going to end the next day.”

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you went straight for the knife
and i prepared to die; your blade it shines
looked me straight in the eye, you turned the gas on high
held the flame alight
you wonder why i’m scared of fire
you wonder why you make girls cry

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I love you so, I’m putting you in quicksand
You take a chance when you kiss the hitman

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I don’t care if I don’t look pretty 
Big girls cry when their hearts are breaking

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Ariana Grande - My Everything

I know you’re not far
But I still can’t handle all the distance
You’re travelling with my heart
I hope this is a temporary feeling

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Now that it’s over
I just wanna break your heart right back, right back
Want you to cry me a river
I just wanna break your heart right back, hey
All this time I was blind
Running round telling everybody

My baby loves me, my baby loves me
My baby, my baby, my baby loves me

Kinda obsessed with this song currently.

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you’re too sexy, beautiful
and everybody wants a taste
that’s why i still get jealous

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Can’t Help Falling In Love With You || Fleet Foxes

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