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Is it just me or does it happen to anyone else when you’re scrolling through your blog and reblogging a ton of stuff to go back and realize that you reblogged a “featured post” from tumblr and you didn’t even reblog it it’s just there?

It’s really great to actually not make every new thing in your life a status update across 4 platforms of social media because when you actually do just nonchalantly post something exciting in your life that no one else knows about its a lot more exciting and interesting to everyone else compared to those that are boring and predictable.

So I just was mindlessly scrolling Facebook and I realized that I was pressing J and K to scroll like tumblr and I mentally clicked and was like WHAT NO, NOT FACEBOOK then I hit the L key and it asked if I wanted to like the content. NO NO NO NO ABORT.

I don’t get Tumblr Radar.

It’s a bunch of art blogs that post other peoples art and then they get credited for it. (sort of but not unless you go to their page and see they titled it with the artist)